VIVA Students

The Junior Youth, Youth and Young Adults of VIVA Church.

viva junior youth

grades 6-8

JY runs every Sunday during the 9:30am service in the Upper Room. It's a rad place to make friends, hear an encouraging message from the leaders and always includes some fun games or competitions.



grades 9-12

RY runs most Fridays at 7pm. They have awesome service nights, cool hangouts and small groups, which is a great way to meet friends. Check out our insta for more details and feel free to DM us to get in a group.


viva young adults

ages 18+

YA has service nights on the last Sunday of (most) every month at the church, hangouts and small groups that run every week. We weren't meant to walk alone - we're better together. Shoot us a DM to get in a group - that's where real community happens.